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Willie & Nicholson Associates

Willies And Nicholson Associates helps organisations to get their risk and assurance activities humming. We help leaders to get greater clarity on what’s required and help them to diagnose, set direction and build capability. We work from the perspective of the audit and risk committee chair to make sure that the committee’s work program and the work that supports it hits the mark. For us this means the program is targeted, relevant, efficient and effective. It also means the team delivering the work is up to the challenges that the organisation and its stakeholders are facing.

When to use us

People hire us when they have one of the following problems:

  • The audit and risk product isn’t hitting expectations.
  • The audit and risk committee dynamics are not where they need to be.
  • They want to know where they’re at
  • They want to solve a delivery or capability problem.
  • They want to build capability, including leadership
  • They want clarity on what to do and if investment is required.
  • They want a conflict-free diagnostic or intervention to solve a delivery problem.
  • Leading organisations also use us to clarify their thinking and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Clients also use us for thinking and change support that can’t readily be delegated or outsourced.

How we work

Willie and Nicholson Associates helps those charged with leadership of these areas to sharpen their focus, build capability and clear obstacles. We normally work through bite size projects, interventions and support so that budget isn’t an obstacle to getting a result. We typically do this by working with the leaders of the various streams to help achieve clarity and uplift, and to make those changes stick. Our typical pathway starts with a diagnostic to set priorities or a bite size project to solve a problem or work out the best way to do so. Once projects are completed then we provide support as required. This may take the form of a plan, small project or a role as sounding board or mentor. How we can help Our typical entry point with a new client is to define or solve a problem. This can range from “Why is this not working?” through to “What does great look like?” We relish these sort of questions as it helps to get to the crux of what matters.




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